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Compare and contrast `the Cabinet of Caligari` and `the Man with the Movie Camera`


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Compare and contrast `the Cabinet of Caligari` and `the Man with the Movie Camera`

Compare and contrast `the Cabinet of Caligari` and `the Man with the Movie Camera`

PLEASE ANSWER TWO QUESTIONS ON ASSIGNMENT; RESPONSE #3 #1 COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE CABINET OF CALIGARI AND THE MAN W/THE MOVIE CAMERA #2 INCORPORATE ASSIGNED THEORIST OF YOURE ASSIGNED READING. REQUIRED TEXT Lanzoni, Remi, French Cinema: from Its Beginnings to the Present, Continuum, 2002 We will refer to it as Lanzoni. Topic: French Cinema of the Occupation Screening: Marcel Carne, Les enfants du paradis (Children of Paradise) Part I/II (1945) Reading: Lanzoni, pp. 103-124 Reading: Lanzoni, pp. 124-142 iF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS WITH THE QUESTIONS THAT NEED TO BE ANSWERED PLEASE LET ME KNOW, BEFORE YOUR START WRITING ON IT. tHANK YOU
NameLecturerSubjectDateCompare and contrast “the Cabinet of Caligari” and “the Man with the Movie Camera”.The Cabinet of Caligari is a German expressionist silent horror film that is considered the greatest horror movies which was shot in the 1920`s. It was directed by a Robert Wiene. The main character in this movie is Caligari who is connected to a series of murders in a German village. He is a director of an insane asylum that kills people in the village. The Man with the Movie Camera is an experimental documentary film which has no story line or any actors. It features techniques of cinematography such as split screens, double exposure and jump cuts techniques in movie making. It was an experimental silent documentary film that documents the modern Soviet Union. The purpose of Vertov, the camera man, was to break the linear mode of filming that was common in those days. This essay compares and contrasts the two movies that were shot in the 1920`s.Both movies were shot in the early 1920`s during the First World War. This was a period when the movie industry in French had exploded. The authors of the movies seem to have had a similar idea as they shot the films. In the Cabinet of Caligari, the film is about the world which is supposed to be out of balance (Stephen, 62) “...the film is not just about one unfortunate madman; it is about an entire world that is possibly out of balance...”. In the film, the man with the movie camera, the camera man documented about the modern life of the Russian society. The camera man was astonished by the chaotic activities of the city life and decided to document it. This has some similarity with the film the cabinet of Caligari in the context of how the film directors and writers perceived the society.The two films are different in the way they were produced. The man with the movie camera has no plot and contains no main characters or actors. It is a film that documents the urban society in a Russian town. The Cabinet of Caligari on the other hand contains major actors, this is, Dr. Caligari and his assistant Cesare(Stephen, 62). The movie has a plot whereby Caligari goes to towns and uses a sleepwalker to kill people in the town.The ban of film productions in th...

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