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Communication as a form of Storytelling


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Communication as a form of Storytelling

Communication as a form of Storytelling


In 100 words or less (CANNOT BE MORE THAN 100 WORDS!), respond to the following.

Walter Fisher argues that all communication is a form of storytelling. For a story to be believable, it must have narrative rationality. To have narrative rationality a story must have both coherence (makes sense) and fidelity (rings true) for the audience/receiver. Identify the narrative from a reality show or talk show then give a synopsis of the narrative and provide reasons that the narrative does or does not have narrative rationality for you. In your explanation, use Aristotle’s appeals to define how the actors made the narrative attractive or not.

- Fisher`s Narrative Paradigm (LINK BELOW)


- Aristotle`s Appeals (LINK BELOW)


Direction: "You may agree, disagree, or say that you don`t care. However, you must give a good reason about your thought."


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