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Combination of Illustration


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Combination of Illustration

Combination of Illustration

We are supposed to find three images (I chose them and I`ll attach them as well) and then choose a caption for each image.Then make an argument about these illustrations through these five subjects: 1. avant-gardism and politics, 2. Making of tradition of modernism, 3. CIAM, 4. Centre/Periphery, 5. North African housing and the colonial subject. This is what my professor asked us to do: (In this assignment we are looking for concepts that support arguments that work toward a larger thesis about architecture. We are expecting that each caption will be argued with precision, that is, with a view to framing an argument. We expect the combination of illustration + caption will produce a correspondence between word and image, mediating between content and thesis. The image and text will be mutually informing. Consider this an opportunity to test and develop ideas about architecture, representation, and visual persuasion.) Each caption should be a maximum and no more than five (5) sentences in length. I will attach three citation in this category to show you how to make an argument about these images in a precise concept about history of architecture. Thanks a lot
CaptionsStudents Name: School Name:CaptionsUtopic thoughts that engulf the mind of a person trapped in a more complicated predicament, a situation they cannot change, but full of optimism that all will be well; as bizarre as the person`s thoughts, free thinking is the birth of utopic architecture. Laszlo Moholy – Nagy dreamt of buildings which were made purely of streams of compressed air: it is a complicated and very disturbing thought especially to persons who generally abhor or who are not brushed the right way by Professor Bernal`s idea of utopic architecture where rotating air streams are vital and paramount in the construction of house walls. What is more intriguing is the question why anyone would prefer suspension in thin air when they all can live comfortably on the earth`s surface. Radical optimism is infectious, the feeling that all will be alright eventually brings about the visions of total freedom in time and space just as suggested by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy who dreamt of buildings with walls made of streams of air. The image evokes a future where all people are free from their obligations and they walk through the whole universe through a grid that provides communication and energy, it is a utopic idea of ...

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