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Color and Memory Retention


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Color and Memory Retention

Color and Memory Retention


Not sure if sources are needed. This is for a science fair. Graphs needed. See attached. Will pay if it requires more pages. Do screen and text color affect retention


Color and Memory Retention Name: Institution: Introduction Memory retention basically refers to the ability to retain and recall to consciousness ideas, learned information and sensations that have previously been experienced either in the immediate past or further into the past. Marketers and advertising companies have long understood the aspect of memory retention in relation to getting customers to remember their brands and products. While there are a myriad of other elements such as sound and smell to commit to memory, sight plays a major role. As such, color also plays a role in the retention of images. Billboards and television adverts play around with color and sound to make the right lasting impression on the customers invoking the need to explore the products more. Previous research has tried to establish the element readability and aesthetics. This paper seeks to look at resear


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