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Colonial society and culture


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Colonial society and culture

Colonial society and culture

It is a reading summery from three books. Books sources: book1-Winthrop D. Jordon, The White Man`s Burden (only from chapter 1) book 2-Howard Zinn Anthony Arnove, Voices Of a people`s history of the United States. (Second Edition) (only from Chapter 1) book 3-Marcus Rediker, The Slave Ship ( a human history) (only from Chapter 1) **1.Introdutory paragraph-write a brief summary of the selected reading discussing the main theme of the reading. Write a one-sentence thesis statement on the weekly reading. Underline the thesis statement. 2. body (evidence)paragraph-Discussing key passages or sentences from the selected reading as evidence. be sure to provide multiple direct quotes from the reading as evidence. also provide page citation for all quotes used as evidence. try to used 3-5 direct quotes from the weekly reading as evidence in the body paragraph. 3. concluding-brief conclusion discussing your own opinion on the readins.
Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date of submission:Colonial society and cultureThe colonial history of America started about 400 years ago when on May 13, 1607, 104 colonists in search for their fortune and a better life disembarked from three ships and stepped ashore onto a spot that would turn out to be ground zero in a cultural and ecological exchange that was to transform a continent. It was the start of a new culture on a land which would have to become the land of opportunity of the future. However, for those 104 colonists it was a shaky start because two weeks after their arrival they were attacked by a war party of the Paspahegh tribe and they suffered their first casualties. The attack awoke the settlers to the requirement of defenses, and in response they hurriedly constructed a triangular picket with bulwarks at each corner, a building they named James Fort.The colonial society and culture is one of the most important topics which have always received the attention of historians. A number of scholars have invested their time and resources into establishing what the facts are and what is factional with regards to the elements shaping up colonialism and the impact of colonialism on the society. This paper will talk about the works of four historians who looked into the different turns of American history — The White Man`s Burden by Winthrop D. Jordan, Voices Of a people`s history of the United States by Howard Zinn, and Anthony Arnove, and The Slave Ship by Marcus Rediker. The accounts in these three books help in understanding and ups and downs of colonialism in America. On the basis of the research conducted by authors these three books it would not be wrong to say that colonialism in America was founded on inferiority complex.It seems that the history of America is the history of racism. In the words of Jordan: ...

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