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Clint Eastwood`s Unforgiven


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Clint Eastwood`s Unforgiven

Clint Eastwood`s Unforgiven

Write a movie review on Clint Eastwood`s movie Unforgiven. Review will be five paragraphs long. In your introductory paragraph, you must identify which three literary devices the director uses most effectively to tell the story, and how this movie is relevant to US history during the wild west and cowboy era. In the body paragraphs, you will choose from three of the five main literary elements: Plot, Characterization, Setting, Point of View, and Theme to discuss the above. In your conclusion, tell which literary element the director used most effectively to tell the story, what you liked or did not like about the film, and how it relates to the time period and or what we are studying in class.
Name:Instructor:Date of submission: Clint Eastwood`s UnforgivenThe movie Unforgiven falls under the Western genre, whereby violence and survival in the Wild West are regular themes in these kinds of films. In addition, the western genre also focuses on heroism and the belief in freedom as people moved westwards in search of better livelihood. The film is relevant in understanding the history of America. As people moved westwards they encountered many difficulties in farming and the cowboys were best suited for harsh life in these frontier places. Additionally, unforgiven illustrates that gun culture was prevalent in the Wild West and cowboy era. Characterization, plot and the film`s setting portray life in the American frontier w...

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