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Class 1 drug recall of heparin in 2008


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Class 1 drug recall of heparin in 2008

Class 1 drug recall of heparin in 2008

1) Prepare a 1- to 2 page paper on the Class 1 drug recall of heparin in 2008. Each paper should detail the name of the recalled drug, its manufacturer, date of the recall, how the recall was initiated, and whether any people were injured or killed by the product prior to the recall. 2) Your research paper should be at least 1-2 pages in length, double spaced. You will also want to include a cover page and a reference page. You will be asked to use MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting. There are many electronic links available to you, but here is the direct link to the MLA Web Site: http://www.mla.org/
NameCourseInstructorDateClass 1 drug recall of heparin in 2008In the year 2008 a company by name Baxter Healthcare that actually manufactures drugs called one of their highly selling drug known as heparin that was been used as a anticoagulant drug. The reason for withdrawing the drug from market was because it caused stern potentially deadly side impacts. Again in the same year the food and drug administration gave out a report that the withdrawn heparin drug comprised a filthy over sulfated chondroitin sulfate. This is an element which is related to the heparin but it is actually cheap. According to the food and drug administrationcautionary it stated that: * Baxter Healthcare enabled this inexpensive standby from Chinese medicinal fi...

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