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Circular Tire Works Capital Structure


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Circular Tire Works Capital Structure

Circular Tire Works Capital Structure


sing midterm exam #2 (posted to Blackboard), describe in detail how you would determine the entries corresponding to the items listed on line 19 through line 24 (line 19 to 24 in the excel spread sheet i will attach) in the Case Study Do NOT send me a copy of the spreadsheet as I will NOT look at it. You are to describe how you would calculate the items and why you are doing the calculation that way. Simply providing formulas will not be sufficient. You obviously will make reference to items listed above line 19, which you can assume have been correctly defined and calculated. For example, if you refer to the “Enterprise Value of the Firm”, you do NOT need to define or describe how it is calculated, simply state that you are using this value. You may use any previous cases or textbooks as references. You are allowed only one attempt at his assignment.


Circular Tire Works Capital Structure Name: Institution: Capital Structure for Circular Tire Works Circular Tire Works is a small publically traded chain of tire shops. Circular is quite proud of the fact that it has no debt in its capital structure. However, they have just hired a newly minted VCU finance major, Bo Loated, who has questioned the no debt policy. Bo has indicated that Circular can increase the value of the company, and the share price, by issuing debt, and buying back shares of stock with


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