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Church Fathers and the Concept of Healing


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Church Fathers and the Concept of Healing

Church Fathers and the Concept of Healing

This research paper is based on my concept word of "HEALING". I do not need an introduction because this is the second part of my paper. Instructions: I need to write on 3 early Church Fahers from the time of 0-300 CE. Please use Tertullian, and Origen, and choose another one from these names: Clement, Polycarp, Justin Martyr, Ignatius, or another one of your choice. I need one page for Church Father (total of three pages) on what they say about "healing". You can do some description but I need an ANALYSIS. My instructor is looking to see if we are using "critical thinking" so there has to be analysis of the concept word of "healing". There is a website to look up these Father called : www.ccel.org or if you actually have theology books of these writers you can use that as well. But please after describing what is being said about "Healing", please do an anlysis. Thank you
Church Fathers and the Concept of Healing Student Name:Course:Instructor:Institution:Date Due: TertullianTertullian was a prolific early Christian author and he produced extensive work on Christianity most concerning Latin Christian literature. Tertullian was also a polemicist against heresy and a notable early Christian apologist. He ha soften ben referred to as the father of Latin Christianity and despite the fact that he was conservative, he was also very instrumental towards the origin and advancement of early church`s new theology. This involved embracing the concept of healing (Daunton-Fear, 2009). Tertullian`s contribution towards assertion on the power of healing is his quote which reiterates that, “See how many men have been delivered from devils and healed of diseases!” (Esler, 2004 p. 87), which was critical in shaping the attitudes of the early church Christians toward suffering or health and he delved into the role of miracles in the healings and restoration of health. The preceding quote by Tertullian mainly emphasize on the power of healing which delivers people from their diseases. However, it seems not consider spiritual healing and it concentrates more on the bodily healing necessary for physical well-being. This particular quote reiterates on the significant number of people delivered from demonic possession and physical diseases. The above quote by Tertullian should make us to believe that even the people in religious or governmental rank have been touched by the power of God in miraculous healing. Perhaps Tertullian informs the Christians to notice this fact of healing, as evidence of the truth claims and it`s relevance to day-to-day lives of the people (Esler, 2004). Furthermore, Tertullian states that it is necessary for Christians to perform healing activities and reiterates that it`s the ministry of the Holy Spirit, through the servant of God in the name of Jesus Christ that makes healing a possibility (Pelikan, 1975). He further notes that no woman or man can heal; only God can, and this occurs in the presence as well as power of the Holy Spirit through women and men of God toda...

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