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Choose one Australian business and use this business in your essay.


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Choose one Australian business and use this business in your essay.


1,800 -2,000 word essay


Choose one Australian business and use this business in your essay.

1. Introduction (500-600 words)

➢ Introduce the key attributes of your chosen business and identify the inter-relationships between your chosen business and its natural, social and economic environments (500-600 words).

2. Main body (1300 – 1400 words all up)

➢ Analyse and evaluate the implications of climate change for your chosen business, as well as its impacts on climate change (a two-way analysis) (500-600 words).

➢ Critically evaluate the current planning and management strategies and policies of the company and the broader industry with respect to climate change and sustainability (800 words).

3. Short conclusion (100 words)

➢ You should give a short conclusion, summarising your findings, arguments in one or two sentences. In your essay, you should use headings to enhance the flow of reading. Furthermore, you need to support the arguments that you are making by using academic sources, such as journal articles, text books etc

Instructions for short essay,

Research essays are a particular type of formal writing, and an essay focusing on the critical evaluation of a topic is seeking to develop your skills with respect to making justified decisions. This information seeks to help you in developing your writing skills in and around your essays. However, these are not ‘instructions’, per se – these are guidelines to help you to build a constructive essay. General notes about essay writing

What does ‘critically’ mean? In this context, ‘critically’ means to express your judgment about the management strategies with regards to climate change. Analyse, describe the subject and support it by evidence.

What does ‘evaluate’ mean: an evaluation means to present a careful judgment of the problem, stressing both sides of the argument. Evaluation implies authoritative and, to a lesser degree, personal opinions/judgment of the question. Evidence and examples are crucial in the work.

In summary, present a balanced, evidenced-based assessment of your topic. As with all essays, there should be an introduction, a main body, and a short conclusion of the essay, which should include your arguments and the points to support your arguments.


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