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1.This document is to be read in conjunction with the Unit Guide for this unit.
2.It is the responsibility of each student to confirm submission requirements including dates, time, and format.
3.Extension or Special Consideration may be considered for late submission. It is the responsibility of each student to understand Deakin regulations regarding late submission and Special Consideration for assessment. You do not require Special Consideration for an assignment extension. You must request an extension prior to the submission time.
4.You will be required to complete Assignment 1 as an individual. It carries 20% weighting for the final mark of this Unit.
5.All assignments must be submitted electronically through CloudDeakin. Assignments submitted in any other way will not be marked.
6.Unless otherwise stated, all assignments submitted CloudDeakin must be in Portable Document Format (pdf).
7.You may refer to publications, but you must write in your own “voice” and cite the references using the Author-Date (Harvard) system. It is essential for you to fully understand what you write and to be able to verify your source if you are requested to do so later on. The library provides workshops and advice on citations and referencing.
8.The University regards plagiarism as an extremely serious academic offence. Submission through CloudDeakin includes your declaration that the work submitted is entirely your own. Please make full use of the ‘Check Your Work’ folder in the Drop box tab on CloudDeakin.
9.If you are not clear about the requirements of the assignments, please seek your tutor’s help as soon as possible.
10.Before starting your assignment, please read the University document, Study Skills at http://www.deakin.edu.au/current-students/study- support/study-skills/


The purpose of this assignment is to:

The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to achieve the learning outcomes of this unit as stated in the unit guide and to assess the students’ performance in the following areas:
•Analyse the influence of design decision making on a given project
•Consider real life project and solve problems as stated in assignment brief



You are the cost planner for a new hotel project being planned for a waterfront site in Geelong CBD. The outline proposals are being prepared and some major decisions have to be made in the coming weeks.

There are TWO Schemes being considered. You have been given the responsibility to make sure that the design team is aware of the total costs of the two alternatives being considered for this new project, so that a preferred option can be identified.

The client is cost conscious but is prepared to invest more capital costs into the building if it shows a longer term saving or better value.

Notes on Design

- All schemes have the same gross floor area
- All dimensions are external measurements and are in millimetres
- Drawings are not to scale
- Scheme A will have air-conditioning
- Scheme B will have no air-conditioning


1 – List and discuss five (5) external factors of the construction industry that could influence the cost advice you are going to provide (20 MARKS)

2 – Prepare an Outline Proposal Cost (Preliminary Estimate) for the two schemes taking account of the preliminary information above. Provide this as a part of a report to the client and include an introduction and a concluding recommendation, with reasons and rationale, for the most cost effective scheme. (50 MARKS)

3 – List and discuss at least ten (10) project specific (internal) factors that could influence the cost advice you are going to provide (30 MARKS) Note that question 2 only has to be provided in report format.

Further Information

Use the superficial method of estimating to calculate the cost of the proposal.Select an appropriate rate per square metre for each of the schemes. The rate must take account of the information that you already have or can assume at this early stage. Use a local source for this information, which may be your own office data, a published source or a similar project. Cite these sources and state any assumptions made in your submission.

The preliminary estimate must include for the following:

- Updating of source costs to present date
- Allowance for escalation to tender award date of June 2017
- Allowance for any increase in cost to completion date of June 2018
- External works and services
- Design contingencies
- Contract Contingencies
- Professional fees
- Any other costs appropriate for this type of building in this location
- What you have omitted from the estimate for whatever reason

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