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Chinese and animal: Benefits of the pig to the Chinese community


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Chinese and animal: Benefits of the pig to the Chinese community

Chinese and animal: Benefits of the pig to the Chinese community

Instruction is attched with powerpoint Writer choose the topic topic have to relate to Chinese and animal. For example "Is there a pet culture in China?" There is another paper related to this paper same writer should write both of them please read the instruction attached The topic can be recent but historical background is needed if it is available.
What are the benefits of the pig to the Chinese community?The famous roast pig recipe was popularly attributed to have originated from China. Legend has it that the house of the pig was accidentally burned where pigs were accidentally roasted giving off a fine mouth watering scent and flavor. From then on the roast pig became a symbol of prosperity and blessing so that every occasion needs to have a roast pig as part of the celebrations. Yet the pig per se has many benefits to the Chinese peoples.As one of the more viable stock of animals that can be maximized for the supply of food for humans, the pig has been a staple in the history and development of China. During the country`s early civilization, when people were still used to hunting and gathering and picking up foods from the wilderness, the pig has been consistently turned to for food supply. Evidences show that the pigs are one of the earliest animals domesticated by ancient Chinese men (Walker: 1965).Up to the present, this trend has not been bucked down and the status of the pig as one of the staple foods, not just a type of meat, in China continues. In culled statistics, the population of the pig is one of the highest in the country. With over 800,000, it is no doubt that the food production is made more rap...

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