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China Growth Economy, Internet Usage


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China Growth Economy, Internet Usage

China Growth Economy, Internet Usage

I need to have a paper about the current econonimc growth of China, which includes government policies and economic data. The second half of the paper should include history and growth of the internet population in China and also the types of websites and uses of the internet. I need the above to give me some more ideas of how to put together an initial thesis proposal of a potential e-commerce model for foriegn luxury apparal brands operating in China.
Economic Growth of ChinaName:Institution:Course:Tutor:Date of submission:Economic growth of ChinaIntroductionWith regards to size, the People`s Republic of China has one of the largest economies in the world. The United States has the world`s largest economy and this is followed by the China`s economy. A closer look at the growth of various economies in the world also elaborates more with regards to the economy of China. Statistics in 2010, 2011, and part of 2012 present so much about the country`s economy. As of 2010, the country`s GDP stood at $5.878 and the economic growth rate was at 10.3%. The country had the 2nd best GDP and economic growth rate in the world in 2009, 2010, and 2011. The nominal GDP per capita was $4382 whereas the $7544 represented the PPP GDP in 2010. By sector, the GDP of the entire country was 46.8 in industry, 43.6 in services, and 9.6 in agriculture. The country has had the fastest and most consistent growth rates with regards to the economy in the past 32 years. (Liu & Zhang, 2010) The economy of China grows with a rate of at least 10% each year. This growth rate is evident in the country`s trade with a special focus on the export and imports. The country is the world`s largest exporter. With regards to imports, the country comes second after the United States. The country overtook Germany in 2010 as the world`s largest exporter. Although Japan has for a long time been the world`s largest market with regards to luxury goods, the growth rate of China`s economy coupled with the expansions and development will propel the country to pole position with regards to the size of luxury goods market. The international monetary fund listed the country as having the 94th best per capita GDP $7544 in 2010. This figure has continued to improve ever since. One of the areas through which the economy of China has grown is through the internet. China`s economy is dependent on the effective government policies and the utilization of the internet. (Yao & Liu, 2003)This impacts the Chinese consumers and investors in different ways. The country has become one of the best places to invest. The availability of raw materials and labor in an expanding market has propelled the country to greater with regards to investments. Foreign investors are flooding China, looking for ways through which they can benefit from one of the world`s most lucrative markets. In 2010, there were 780 million people in the labor workforce with 39.5 of the people being in the agricultural sector, 27.2 in various industries, and 33.2% in services. The unemployment rate was at 4.2 as of July in 2010. The country`s average gross salary was $4,260 with the main industries being mining, iron, ore processing, buildings, armaments, and textiles. The country is also listed among the top 100 with regards to the ease of conducting business activitiesGovernment policies and economic dataGovernment policies and economic d...

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