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Childhood Obesity


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Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Contain 10-12 pages of text. Use proper MLA format and documentation. Include at least 10 sources, of at least 3 different types. My name: Phillip Dickens Instructor: Jeremy Phillips Class: Human Values and Meanings Date: July 8, 2013 Maybe talk about some of the causes for childhood Obesity, the effects of this problem both short & long term. How this problem is getting worst over the last 50 years or so. Reasons why, like fast-food restaurant serving size, cost, calories and over usage of high-fructose corn syrup. How American people are eating more & every store now sells junk food,vending machines in school, school lunches, lack of physical education programs due to money or space. Television advertising towards children showing junk food all the time. The ways we can help prevent this problem could be better education for parents & children, take vending out of school or better choices, healthier school lunches, less television advertisement toward children, serving sizes reduced in fast food restaurants or better choices, exercise, ect.... Thanks these are just some ideas, but feel free to expand on these topic or go in any direction that connect this problem together.
Phillip Dickens Jeremy Phillips Human Values and Meanings July 8, 2013 Abstract This paper provides a backdrop for discussing the discourse of childhood obesity, examines variables leading to overweight in children from 5 to 19 years. Moreover, prevention approaches such as, increased activities and health advocacy have been documented. Conversely, the research underpins a family-centered method to enhance dietary trends, and the need for community support and participation among many factors. Given this outcomes, nurses are motivated to develop skills. Past studies have indicated that obesity in children encourages the growth of biomarkers for chronic illness in adulthood. For instance, in Hispanic children, type II diabetes is common because of genetic susceptibility and overweight. Furthermore, obese children have a higher threat for developing high cholesterol, asthma, depression and joint problems. Atherosclerosis, being a main basis of heart problems in adults, originated from childhood. Obesity in childhood is as well associated with shoddier gross-motor growth. There are also cases of reduced academic performance and absenteeism. In the end, there are also emerging issues of psychological related issues with obesity. Actually, there is low confidence in obese kids related with enhanced rates of depression, solitude, anxiety and higher probability to consume alcohol. Background World wide and in Europe obesity is a growing dilemma. In Europe, the number of overweight children is estimated to be increasing by over 400,000 annually, in addition to over 14 million of the EU populace who are obese plus about 3 million obese teenagers. In European Union, almost 4 million children are overweight. Owing to the prevalence of facts in the exploration of obesity in children is a considerable danger factor for future health issues, which is regarded as a primary public health dilemma. In overweight children, the likelihood that overweight continues into old age rises with the age of the kid, from 20 to 80% in overweight 5 to 19 years respectively. Research of preponderance of overweight indicates a higher increase in overweight in 5 years and above. In other words, these show that attempts to prevent obesity should start in childhood (Thompson et al. 282– 289). In UK, levels of childhood are higher than any region in Europe. Evidence show that 29.7% of children in England are considered obese compared to Netherlands which has only 16%. Childhood obesity is national problem in UK. Childhood obesity was initiated in this region and in 2007 a novel objective was declared in England as the first nation to repeal the wave of both obesity and overweight in the populace by ascertaining that all people are in position of sustaining a health lifestyle. The original focus is on children, it is estimated that by 2020 to reduce the proportion of obesity to approximately 2000 levels. This objective forms the basis of clinical analysis on childhood obes...

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