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Child observation report


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Child observation report

Child observation report

For this assignment, you should observe a child under the age of 10 in a natural setting for 30 minutes to 1 hour, writing down your observations. Then, prepare and submit a 2-3-page paper, explaining your observations. The observations that you make and the vocabulary that you use in this paper should demonstrate your familiarity with the concepts and theories discussed throughout this course. For this assignment, you may change first person voice. However, you will need a title page which should follow APA format as outlined in the APA Manual. The Grading Rubric for this assignment provides the specific requirements and expectations for the assignment, so review it before submitting your paper.
Child observation reportName:Course:Professor Name:(March, 2013).Children under ten years of age are almost at adolescence and mostly behave like teens. According to Sharman and his collengues, children at this age physically have grown taller and have started having body changes brought about by puberty. At home, they are becoming more responsible on personal duties such as home works, grooming and even cleaning their rooms. Most of them do not need a lot of supervision to do duties assigned to them by their parents. This group however is a group full of contractions. Yes, they may sometimes act and behave like grown ups but sometimes they might exhibit younger and immature behaviors (Sharman, Cross & Vennis, 2007). This paper then seeks to give a report of an observation that took place during lunch time where a 10 year old child was observed for a period of about an hour. Tassoni mentions one of the vital behaviors of this group to be their diets and eating habits. Ten years old children have not yet settled completely on eating habits that they had developed since their younger years they say...

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