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Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “The Yellow Wallpaper”


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Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “The Yellow Wallpaper”

Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “The Yellow Wallpaper”


Read and analysis these short stories, after read, answer each questions. I have attached all the questions in one word document, and I will upload all the stories.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “The Yellow Wallpaper” ; 
Edgar Allan Poe, “The Masque of the Red Death” ; 
Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm, ““All Kinds of Fur,” and “Little Snow White”; 
Neil Gaiman, “Snow, Glass, Apples”; 
Phillip Pullman “Thousandfurs”;
Ambrose Bierce, “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”; 
Tim O`Brien, “The Things They Carried”; 
Louise Erdrich, “The Red Convertible”;
Clarice Lispector, “The Smallest Woman in the World”; 
Toni Morrison “Recitatif”; 
Toni Cade Bambara, “The Lesson” .
If you think 6 pages is not enough, please let me know as soon as possible.



Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “The Yellow Wallpaper” (533-544).
The Narrator - a young, upper-white-collar class lady, recently wedded and a mother, who is experiencing nurture despondency. John - The storyteller`s significant other and her doctor. John limits her conduct as an important aspect of her treatment. Jennie - John`s sister. Jennie goes about as servant for the couple.
"The Yellow Wallpaper" is driven by the storyteller`s feeling that the backdrop is a content she should decipher, that it symbolizes something that influences her straightforwardly. In like manner, the context builds up its imagery all through the story. At first, it appears to be just unsavory: it is torn, dirtied, and an "unclean yellow." The most exceedingly awful part is the apparently endless example, which entrances the storyteller as she endeavors to make sense of how it is composed.
In the wake of gazing at the paper for a considerable length of time, she sees a spooky sub-design behind the primary example, noticeable just in certain light. In the end, the sub-design comes into the center as an edgy lady, always creeping and stopping, searching for an escape from behind the primary example, which has come to take after the bars of a pen. The storyteller sees this pen as decorated with the heads of many ladies, every one of whom was choked as they attempted to get away. Plainly, the...


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