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Change Management and the Use of Teams


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Change Management and the Use of Teams

Change Management and the Use of Teams

Dear writer, 1- Kindly be informed that the course title is Teamwork and Psychology. Therefore, concentrate on teamwork and change management providing some psychological referencing. 2- Reference 7 Academic Journal articles. Thank you. Mohammad
Change Management and Use of Teams [Name] [Institution] [Date] Change Management and Use of Teams As organizations continue to experience uncertainties regarding their future viability, they increasingly prefer to engage in some sort of inter-organizational restructuring to ensure future success in their operations. Currently, programs to improve organizational management have become increasingly common. However, few managers implement them successfully. Organizational success depends on how managers persuade various groups and individuals to adjust the way they work, something most people will embrace if only they are persuaded to think different about their jobs. Therefore, managers should alter the mindsets of their employees in order to ensure change in the organization is effectively implemented (Levasseur, 2001). This is not an easy task, as viable strategies need to be adopted for change to take place in an organization. To ease up change implementation, managers should first determine the extent of the change needed to realize the business outcomes they seek. This paper discusses change management, and the Use of teams in implementing changes in organizations. Building a sense of teamwork among staff members The term “team” refers to groups of people that meet overtime to accomplish a project and later on wind down. For instance, a traditional staff in an organization that meets as a group to discuss some operating issues affecting an organization. Many departments in various organizations rarely operate as teams. Employees work on daily basis as individuals, which is unfortunate for these organizations as experts advocate that teamwork is an integral part of any organization`s productivity and profitability and should be embraced in all organizations. Downsizing, reorganizing, right sizing and reengineering are all signs of pressure on an organization to reduce its workforce. In order to achieve this without much struggle, organizations need to adopt the use of teams. Five employees working cooperatively in a friendly environment can achieve more than ten employees working as individuals (Gill, 2002). Teamwork gives employees an opportunity to share ideas making problem-solving tasks easy. When the organization`s staff is working together in an environment of accountability and transparency toward a common goal, they put aside differences and focus on the responsibilities assigned to them. With all resources directed to the same goal, they can overcome any barrier, come up with new opportunities, and create a momentum that brings about better problem solving ways, higher productivity, and effective use of resources. Unless managers in various organizations built a sense of teamwork among their staff, there will be no share performance goals, no mutual accountability, no join work efforts, which can skyrocket the organization`s productivity (Kirchmeyer...

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