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Cell Phone


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Cell Phone

Cell Phone

The topic has to address the interaction between social and technological development. Acknowledgements,references; all sources and referred materials must be acknowledge. You will obviously use the internet to research material for this paper. It is tempting to take material from the net and quote it verbatim as if it is yours. PLEASE understand that this will be considered copying and PLAGIARISM. If you use material from anywhere, it must be acknowledge.
NAMEPROFESSORLITERATURE AND LANGUAGEDATECell Phone Usage: Interaction between Social and Technological Development.History denotes how man has rapidly evolved from the Stone Age to the Agrarian Age to the Industrial Age. All these periods have been marked by certain forms of revolution. Currently, many say that man is in the Informational age, otherwise referred to as technoculture. This period has been characterized by the proliferation of information and technology. Every other day, new invention is being released into the market. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the technologies that have taken the world by storm. Traditional forms of ICT such as the television and telephone are quickly being replaced by computers and cellular phones. 1 History of cell phones.Cell phones have grown to become a basic necessity to people. They are part and parcel of day to day living. The genesis of cell phones is in the year 1832 when a man by the name Samuel Morse invented the electromagnetic telegraph (Marples 1). His experiment using underwater cables was interrupted as a ship pulled the cable. Undeterred, Morse went on giving birth to wireless by conduction concept. His research was improved on by an analytical chemist, Michael Faraday in 1843. As time went on, major leaps and bounds were made. In 1954, Martin Cooper, famously referred to as the father of the cellular phone, led the Motorola cell phone research. The first cell phone was a Motorola Dyna-Tac, weighing 2.5pounds (1.13kg). Its features included talking, listening and dialing with a recharge time of up to ten hours. 2 Modern day cell phones.Modern day cell phones are nothing compared to the Motorola Dyna-Tac. For starters, they do not weigh 1.3 kgs! They are more portable and have very many features. Today`s cell phone is not limited to texting and calling. Apart from this, they have other features such as application stores. With these, one can easily access the internet via their cell phone and download whatever kind of information they need.The mobile phone technology has revolutionized the world. Katz gives statistics revealing that the cellular phone enjoys over two billion subscriptions (1). However, it is seen as the culture of the youth. Young people are the primary users of the mobile phone. Most mobile phone manufacturing companies design cell phone models with young people i...

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