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Celine Trapeze Bag


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Celine Trapeze Bag

Celine Trapeze Bag

The distribution of Celine brand (focusing on the Celine trapeze bag) in South East Asia. And also list the name of the distributors in each country.
Celine Trapeze BagAuthorInstitutionFor a sophisticated look on any woman who values herself and would want to maintain style, Celine handbags are the way to go. Business women who would want to preserve an executive look yet not make it boring, the Celine trapeze bag is the choice for you. Made from a range of raw materials that is, calf skin, fabrics, kangaroo skin and high quality leather, the Celine trapeze bag is unique and different. These raw materials are durable and give the designer bag a lasting finish. The Celine trapeze bag comes into the market as the one of the newest addition from under Celine Vipiana`s long handbag line (MC, 2011). The trapeze handbag is well known for its combo box flap coupled with the signature luggage wings. It comes in two major sizes, that is, small and medium size, trading for about USD 1,800 minimum and over USD 3,000 maximum, depending on what material it is made from. Statistics record that apart from fur, the Celine trapeze bag emerges as the trendiest and best accepted materials in this season.What could turn off users about this bag is the top handle`s position. The handle has been positioned above the front flap causing difficulty in easy access. When one wants to dig in to the bag using one hand,...

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