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Cannes City in France: An Exciting Place I have visited


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Cannes City in France: An Exciting Place I have visited

Cannes City in France: An Exciting Place I have visited

Informative Speech about a place : An exciting place that you have visited. Be careful, though, that you don`t sound like a travel brochure. Possible structure: three beautiful monuments/ art galleries, places you can visit/ the old part and the new part of the town which are different, yet equally exciting. Please fill in the outline after you write the speech. I chose CANNES a city in southeast of France very beautiful place. Please avoid Plagrisim. ok please let the writer know that when writing the speech about cannes he or she should make it fun and interesting to listen to. Don`t talk about things we already know about Canne; tell us something new and worth hearing about
Name:Tutor:Course:Date:Cannes City in France: An Exciting Place I have visitedOne of the most exciting places I have ever visited is Cannes. This is a city in southeast France and one of the best-known cities in French Riviera. Its history dates back to the second century BC when the Oxybii, a Lingurian tribe established a settlement there. In the tenth century, the city came under Saracens rule (Meller 145). The Saracens fortified the city by building a castle and two towers. In the eighteenth century, the French government took over. Under the French, the city served various purposes among them as a location for a military hospital during the Crimean War. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, several railways had been completed prompting the arrival of street cars (Meller 147). Projects such as the Boulevard Carnot, the Carlton Hotel on the Promenade de la Croisette and the rue d`Antibes were also carried out. The Casino Municipal was also built next to the pier Albert-Edouard. The twentieth century saw the construction of more luxury hote...

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