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Canada`s multiculturalism and the integration of immigrants in the Canadian society


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Canada`s multiculturalism and the integration of immigrants in the Canadian society

Canada`s multiculturalism and the integration of immigrants in the Canadian society

This Reseach plan is for graduation of "Canadian Immigration Consultant" postgrad degree. I just need Canadian information not USA. Positive writing on Canadian Immigration Deadline 1. Research plan : March 23, 2013 1st draft of Research plan : March 28, 2013. 2nd draft : April 5, 2013
Name:Institution:Course:Date of submission:Canada`s multiculturalism and the integration of immigrants in the Canadian societyIntroductionTable of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u  HYPERLINK l "_Toc352262771" 1.0 Introduction  PAGEREF _Toc352262771 h 2 HYPERLINK l "_Toc352262772" 2.0 History of multiculturalism in Canada  PAGEREF _Toc352262772 h 2 HYPERLINK l "_Toc352262773" 3.0 Multiculturalism as a strategy of integration  PAGEREF _Toc352262773 h 5 HYPERLINK l "_Toc352262774" 4.0 Economic value of multiculturalism  PAGEREF _Toc352262774 h 6 HYPERLINK l "_Toc352262775" 5.0 Social value of multiculturalism  PAGEREF _Toc352262775 h 8 HYPERLINK l "_Toc352262776" 6.0 Multiculturalism integrated with national identity  PAGEREF _Toc352262776 h 8 HYPERLINK l "_Toc352262777" 7.0 Conclusion  PAGEREF _Toc352262777 h 9 HYPERLINK l "_Toc352262778" 8.0 Work cited  PAGEREF _Toc352262778 h 101.0 Introduction Multiculturalism connotes that there is equality among diverse people in a society regardless of their religion, origin, race or culture. In Canada, multiculturalism and integration of immigrants matters because they contribute to the economy`s growth, while social inclusion ensures that there is social harmony among diverse cultures. The official recognition of multiculturalism through policy formulations ensures that there is no discrimination on basis of ethnicity. According to Reitz (528) multiculturalism in Canada is an approach toward integration of immigrants and not isolationist. Cultural freedom and political participation of people in Canadian institutions is proof that there is belief in the concept of unity in diversity. This paper highlights on the values of multiculturalism to Canadians, economically, socially and as a national identity.History of multiculturalism in Canada Canada is a motherland of immigrants, and the demographic make up of the nation has changed significantly over time along with the immigration patterns. Prior to colonization, the nation was mainly composed of aboriginal groups, but colonization brought new demographic trends. During colonization the population of Europeans especially the English and French grew substantially with the nation now populated by three major ethnic groups namely the English, French and aboriginal people. The first British settlers took residence on the Eastern region of the country along the Atlantic coastline, while French settlers settled in Nova Scotia and Quebec (Edwards & Saltman, 2010). Though, coming from the same continent the British and French settlers had different cultures, legal systems and languages. The British were mostly Protestants, while the French were Catholics with time the British conquered most of Canada imposing their culture, but the French culture did not die away. Historically, the British, French and aboriginal people are regarded the founding nations of Canada (Edwards & Saltman, 201...

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