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Can you write Midterm Report for Chemistry?


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Can you write Midterm Report for Chemistry?

Breathalyzer to detect alcohol

Question for Midterm Report Describe the breathalyzer that is used by the high way patrol to detect alcohol on a driver`s breath. Can you write Midterm Report for Chemistry? I would like to get 4 full pages in length without including Name, Course Name, Instructor`s Name and Date of Submission. I have attached my teacher instructions for Midterm Written Report. Question for Midterm Written Report is Describe the breathalyzer that is used by the high way patrol to detect alcohol on a driver`s breath. Please follow all my teacher`s instructions and answer number 1 to 9. Please make sure all the words and sentences that you use in midterm report are your own words and sentences exception chemical structure. In-text citation required. Because my teacher is strict. Thank you so much.
Name:Instructor:Subject:Date:Lab Report: Description of a BreathalyzerIntroductionA breathalyzer, also known as a breath analyzer is a device or equipment used to determine the level of alcohol content in the blood (blood alcohol content; BAC) with a single breath being the sample. This report therefore describes the breathalyzer that is used by the high way patrol to detect alcohol on a driver`s breath. This report also covers the common names or synonyms to the chemical employed in determining alcohol content, chemical name, chemical structure , molecular mass, physical and chemical properties of the chemical, history, hazards and toxicities, and action mechanism among other properties of the chemical used in this device.The invention of this device improved the transport sector where the highway drivers are subjected to this test that has immediate results that help determine the level and degree of alcohol present in an individual`s blood circulation system. However, the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) test varies with respect to some properties such as gender, genetic pre-disposition and weight of the test victim. This means that people with different values with respect to the above factors can result to different results hence a possibility of an individual being subjected to an offense of driving under the influence of excess alcohol whereas another doesn`t, despite having consumed equal quantity of alcohol. In terms of operation, a breath analyzer doesn`t measure the content of alcohol in an individual`s blood; it is an estimate that is considered since the exact content of BAC requires a detailed analysis of a blood sample. This means that breath sample only gives an estimate but a reliable one which can be used in highway patrols. Breathalyzer devices come in various forms and types, but a common component of each of the breathalyzer types is that it should incorporate a mouthpiece, a tube (which the victims blows the air through), and finally a sample chamber into which the breath or air goes into the device itself. The blown breath is bubbled into a small vessel (vial) that contains the reaction mixture, which is the chemical that is employed to facilitate chemical reaction. It is the reaction of such chemical and the alcohol that results in change of color of the mixture found in the vial. It is certain to argue that the level and degree of color change depends with the level of alcohol presence in the expelled breath. A comparison between un-reacted mixture (in another vial) and the reacted mixture is done to determine the alcohol content in the expelled breath. Finally, the breathalyzer device rea...

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