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Business and Marketing: Capital requirements


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Business and Marketing: Capital requirements

Business and Marketing: Capital requirements

Please see attached.
Market CapitalName:Institution: Amazon is one the world biggest stores, with a footprint totaling to 25 million square feet. Its finances are also in the high end, with its market capital totaling to a whooping 120.24 billion. The share values are way higher than the revenues; this is because it is expected to experience more rapid growth in the future (ZDNet, 2013). While the share value of Exxon Mobil Corp is not as high as that of Amazon, it has a market capital value of 403.29 billion. It is the world`s largest by revenue and this year it became the most publicly traded. Ford Motor is the least of the group in terms of the capital value as it worth 57.55 billion. It share value is also the lowest in the group at 14.64, while Amazon and Exxon Mobil Corp are at 264.12 and 90.70 respectively.For the companies to grow they have to spend a substantive amount on futur...

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