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Briefing Note


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Briefing Note

Briefing Note


INstructions are in the attached PDF file. 

I have also posted the recommended outline which is in the lecture slides. Please feel free to use less or more than sources indicated while keeping below 1000 words. Cite where necessary.

Other lecture slides have been posted for your assistance.


Briefing Note Name Institution Date An increase in the number of service pressure resulting from fiscal pressure, population growth and aging has been a great a challenge to the Unionville General Hospital (UGH). This has prompted its management to consider new strategies and options that will offer a lasting solution to these problems. There has been a shortage of facilities such as enough operating room time and clinic time for efficient service delivery by the physicians to their patients. Initial efforts by the UGH Board of Directors to establish a multi-year Hospital Accountability Agreement with the LHIN did not offer a worthwhile solution. It is always wise to come up with solutions that will impact any health organization in a way that benefits all the stakeholders, but more importantly the patients (Coddington et al., 2001). The only promising solution to the problems facing the UGH is the adoption of the integrated health system. Besides, its proximity to the other health centers offering similar se


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