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Bouncing Ball


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Bouncing Ball

Bouncing Ball

Writer, Follow the instructions on the uploaded PDF document.
BOUNCING BALLName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name: (15, January, 2011) Bouncing BallEnergy conversion and transformationEnergy conversion is the transformation of energy from the form that it is gotten from the nature to a form that can be useful to human being. This can be done through use of mechanical means where for example kinetic energy can be transformed to mechanical energy. This is by the use of mechanical means (Tipler, P. 2004)..Energy is the capacity to do work. This can either be from a material body, which can be a spring that is used to move an object or can be an independent non tangible material, for example light that can traverse a space. The energy can be available for work when it is put in a system. when calculating the amount of energy, the units used are those that are derived from the classical mechanics that are related to work. They are defined by the product of mass in kilograms(kg), with the ratio of square of the length travelled by the body measured in meters (m) per time in second (s). Therefore, Energy =mass (kg) x length squared (m2) / time in second (s2)E=kgm2s-2Where, kgm2s-2 = joules (J)Concept of energy changeThis is defined ...

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