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Boston College MBA Essay: Essay 1 and 2


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Boston College MBA Essay: Essay 1 and 2

Boston College MBA Essay: Essay 1 and 2

My name is Livita Indah Gunardi. I just graduated college last December as a Bachelor of Business majoring in banking and finance, and economics. I am applying to Boston College MBA program. Most people will who work first after they get their bachelor degree before continuing their education and get their masters degree, but I have different plan for myself. I want to first pursue my education to the highest level I can then concentrate on my career, so that there would be no pause in the process of me achieving the highest level of my career goal. I know that this decision put me in the position where I have to compete with people that have more professional experience than me, but being young (age 20) also give me a lot of advantage over them; I still have the energy and the spirit. I am also a very hard working, goal oriented and ambitious person. I never stop until I get what I want. On top of that, I also possess the intelligence and creativity. I also have leader quality in me, and I am also a high spirited and a perfect conversationalist. Though I am still young, I already have a huge plan for my future. My long-term goal include becoming the CEO of one of leading bank in US or becoming one of the most top ranked senior executives of Fortune 500 companies. And I believe an MBA the first step towards that goal. While I believe my undergraduate major in Finance and Economics has served me well, I need more rigorous quantitative coursework to develop the analytical skills required for solving more challenging business problems. Through the constantly evolving curriculum, the Boston College MBA program could provide me with the tool to prepare myself to lead and manage in today`s ever-changing business environment. To work smarter, be more creative and be able think outside the box. To be able to do all the things that successful companies expect their employees to do. I will learn not just the theory but how to apply it to real business problems. An MBA will also give me the skills I need to develop my own innovative solutions, to recognize the talent I want on my team, and to lead even the most diverse group to success. Moreover, Boston College name is internationally recognized. And the exposure to outstanding people from all areas of life does not only enrich but also helps forge friendships that remain for life. Hence, they can become role models, influence, and drive students for success. Also, this will also help me when applying for jobs. Linked to the essay question: http://www.bc.edu/schools/csom/graduate/mba/admission/requirements.html#Essays
Admission Services - Admission EssayWith reference to the MBA program that is offered in your institution, I am applying for admission into the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. I graduated from college last December where I pursued a course in Bachelor of Business majoring in banking, finance and economics. Ever since I was a child, I had great interest in business. When I was in high school, my parents always gave me pocket money and I saved half of the amount. With their help, and the savings I had made, I managed to set up a shop which was very successful. It was this venture that helped me realize that I am talented in business. Ever since that incidence, my passion to pursue a career in business has been unstoppable.Despite the fact that most people would prefer to pursue their Masters Degree after work experience, I have adopted a different approach. I would like first to complete my education to the highest level so that I can enter the job market fully equipped with skills in business. Although the decision will put me in a competitive position whereby I will learn with highly experienced professionals, I am a young and motivated individual who has a positive attitude that will help me face any challenge I am presented with. I am a very hardworking person who strives to achieve the best in what I do. I am highly intelligent and creative, a factor that has helped me win many academic achievements.I am a very hardworking individual who seeks to achieve...

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