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Book Selection and Reflection

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Book Selection and Reflection

Book Selection and Reflection

A classroom library should serve as a creative and ideological resource for you as teachers. The careful selection of texts for the classroom will help inspire you and your students to think broadly about any number of subjects such as social studies, science and mathematics. These books offer vivid examples of abstract concepts such as literary devices and also serve as important tools in modeling writing, as well as art. A strong classroom library should also represent for your students the world as you would like them to see it with regards to diversity, equity, social justice and identity; this means you should choose your books wisely, taking into consideration qualities such as writing quality, content accuracy, bias, world view and creativity. For this assignment you are asked to choose a specific grade level and compile a library of children`s books for it. For grades 1-4 you must choose 50 books, with at least 10 of them being chapter books and for grades 5-6 you must choose 40 books and include at least 10 grade appropriate picture books. You are asked to annotate and critique each book using criteria such as usefulness, appearance, quality, accuracy and bias; look critically at these books and consider the ways in which they are strong and the ways in which they are lacking. Also consider literary elements and devices, patterns of response most appropriate for each book and intertextual connections (text to text, etc.). The books you choose should be ones that you would want in your classroom library; they do not have to be your favorite books but you should be able to see some use for them. Avoid including books that you do not like at all unless you see them as a useful negative example; for example, if you wanted to teach your students about changing social values towards race or gender, you could show them an outdated book that depicts race or gender in a way we no longer do. You will write a brief intro to each section of this library explaining your overall vision for your book choices within it you will also conclude this assignment with a 3-4 page reflection on your vision for your classroom library as a whole; this reflection should reference three outside sources that shape or support your views on classroom libraries. IF YOU NEED MORE PAGES PLEASE LET ME KNOW A HEAD OF TIME
Classroom Library:Book Selection and Reflection(Student`s Name)(Course Code/Number)(Name of Professor)(Date of Submission)Classroom Library:Book Selection and ReflectionIntroductionLibraries are perhaps one of the most influential areas of a school, with the multitude of knowledge and sources that it offers. Libraries serve as among the most important source of information for students, especially now that most libraries have allowed for access to the internet. Still, actual printed books placed in libraries serve as vital aspects of the education experience of students. In fact, even though the modern world has “gone online” with its libraries, the solid, hard-copy of a book still remains the most significant source of information as well as visual stimulation for students, especially those in their earlier years of education CITATION Wil10 l 1033 (Williams & Golden, 2010). Indeed, this is the case in classroom libraries.Classroom libraries serve as ideological and creative resources not only for students, but also for teachers. Indeed, through the careful selection of books placed in libraries, the educator can inspire his/her students to think broadly regarding a wide number of subjects. The books placed by the teacher in the classroom can provide powerful examples of different abstract concepts especially involving identity, social justice, equity, diversity, and numerous others. In relation, this paper will then involve the selection and enumeration of books that can be included in a classroom library for students in their 5th to 6th Grade. Forty books will be chosen based on different categories, with a mixture of fiction and non-fiction works. This paper will first present books in Curriculum section, followed by books on diversity, the teacher`s choice section, on an author study, controversial books, and then books that have been given awards. These books will be assessed and evaluated based on their appearance, quality, accuracy, bias, usefulness, and several other criteria.CurriculumIn this section of the library, books that were included can be tied directly to the Ontario and Canadian curriculum for Grades 5-6. Based on the curriculum provided by the Government of Ontario (2009), the following books were chosen. The books aim to stimulate thought processes and reflection for the children in the different subjects placed within the curriculum.Bredeson, C. (2008). Getting Ready for Space. Danbury CT: Children`s Press*Non-fiction Subject/Curriculum: Science (Understanding Earth and Space Systems)Summary: The book provides a simplified discussion on the things astronauts do to prepare for space, including the use of special machines, riding in an airplane, and working underwater.Appearance: With the use of colorful photos, the book makes an interesting and attractive read for students.Usefulness: Through simple words and illustrations, the book provides a way by which students can easily understand a scientific subject that...

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Book Selection and Reflection Book Selection and Reflection
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