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Blood Donation


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Blood Donation

Blood Donation

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Blood Donation Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Over the years, there have been numerous medical advancements made that have revolutionized medical sciences. However, there are areas that need to be addressed to cement the advancements made. Blood transfusions have been the heart of medical practices for centuries. The need for human blood for medical purposes is ever on the increase. However, the blood supply does not meet the demand for medical procedure. Blood donations have been part of health strategies for years. The impact blood transfusions have on medical practices cannot be emphasized. Blood donations needed for medical procedures do not meet the national demand. This lead to the need to create awareness for the need to stock blood banks all over in order to provide blood during medical emergencies. Through public sensitization, the public has awareness for the need for donation (World Health Organization, 2002). However, there are impacts to sensitization; therefore, this paper will seek to highlight the causes and effects of blood donation advertisement. In the early 1970s, the World Health organization (WHO) advocated for blood donations without remunerations. In the earlier years, blood donations were done mainly by individuals who mostly needed to make a quick dollar. This was because blood banks ran blood drives that paid donors in one way or another. Apart from these individuals, a good portion of the public donated blood only during rare occasions like when their relative had a medical emergency. However, it became apparent that this strategy only worked for a short while and a permanent solution to the problem of blood shortage needed to be addressed. Through blood drive, public health institutions have been able to sen...

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