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Blackfish Review

Blackfish Review

Blackfish Review

DOCUMENTARY  Watch the movie The Corporation:: Blackfish . There are others – please pop me a note and get my approval. Students must turn in a 4-5 page, double-spaced paper with an analysis of legal and ethical issues related to the content of the movie. Feel free to agree or disagree with any of the information set forth in any of the documentaries. Share what surprised you, angered you, etc. A discussion about why environmental issues are now global economic issues that must be central to all business decisions should be included in your analysis with examples from the film you watched. Additionally, feel free to discuss the necessity of economic sustainability as a key component of nonprofit business operations, and the reasons nonprofit business face challenges in achieving this in operations.

Blackfish Review

Over the years, man has been keen to fashion the world and creatures in it to work to suit to their needs. Unfortunately, being creatures of Mother Nature, these animals have their own characters and personalities which they exude, and which may fall wayward from the expectation of the humans. Thus, even though human beings feel they have the skills to train these animals and nurture their characters, there are times when it becomes clearly visible that the animals have their own doing and can exude a certain demeanor different from what one might anticipate. One such creature that has fallen captive to serve the needs of the humans is the blackfish also known as orca. In a documentary, Blackfish, the whale is depicted to be ruthless despite being thought to be docile by corporation SeaWorld. The documentary proves once again that man can never have absolute control over the environment or nature.

Analysis of Legal and Ethical Issues Related To the Content of the Movie

Blackfish documentary raises a lot of attention and controversy to the general public on both the legality and ethics of the SeaWorld Company in choosing to have the orcas. I totally support the view by the documentary that claims that Orcas are wild animals and they have their right to enjoy being in their natural niche. This act of letting the animals live in their niche is ethical and allows the animals thrive in their families as opposed to what happens at SeaWorld where the animals are only shipped from various places and are made to live as families. Such a move only serves to make the animals to fight as it has been highlighted in the documentary. In other notable cases, when these whales create their families at Seaworld facilities, the corporation separates them leading to some level of depression on those animals. In the case of Katrina and Kalina separation of the two leads to a rise in depressions which probably proves that the company is subjecting these animals to inhumane conditions. By separating the mothers and child, the whale Katrina makes a different weird noise which was interpreted by scientists to indicate it might have been making some long form of communication.

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Blackfish Review Blackfish Review
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