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Biology: Gibbons


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Biology: Gibbons

Biology: Gibbons

This is the assignment is based on the notes that i provided and its 3 pages just answering the questions and there will be a topic that i have to chose in google scaler please answer them based on the notes . if you have any questions please let me know this is the biology assaginment and its introduction to biology diversity course and this is the lab assignment which is just based on the nots that i provided to you . and for the article you can search by google scholar . please let me know if you have any question regarding to this . this is important assignment for me . i recieved this massage from the lab TA today Just a couple clarifications for the library assignment. Question 1: You do not need to write anything here. Essentially, you get one mark for finding the correct article, which will become apparent to me when you give your answers for Questions 2 & 3. Question 3a: It asks "what technique(s) were used to acquire the data". If the paper only cites another source for the data rather than stating the process that generated the data, then that is the "technique". You are not required to go beyond this paper to track down additional sources of information. thanks again
GibbonsName:Institution: 2. Broad Topic The paper takes a better look into the evolutionary trend and the relationships of the gibbons` (Hylobates) Taxa, by evaluating the hominoids. These are apes that are quite small and they live in the tropical as well as the sub tropical forests on the mainland or the islands in areas such as the Mentawai islands, Java, Sumatra Malay Peninsula and Boneo.Specific Topic When looking into the hominoids, there appears to be a discrepancy, as the gibbons have more species and subspecies than any other. Some estimate that there are more than 28 gibbons` taxa, while the orangutans and the gorillas only have two species. This is a sharp contrast between the various species on the ape lineage (Chan, Roos , Inoue-Murayama, Inoue, Shih, Pei & Vigilant, 2010). To establish the core evolutionary relationships, the study uses the genome sequences of the mtDNA Mitochondria DNA, so as to reconstruct the gibbons` relationship at the phylogenic level, revealing the actual events that led to the divergent evolutionary trend of the gibbons form the rest of the hominoids.What is Known Previous researches have had no luck with the genus evolutionary trend. This could be due to the fact that they have relied on the mitochondrion DNA sequences or taxon sampling that is limited.Experimental Question The paper tries to establish why there is an evolutionary gap between the gibbons and the rest of the members of the genus. 3a.The techniques used to acquire data and the process that generates data are illustrated in the table below: Technique(s):These data show:Figure 1Geographical distribution The data shows the geographical distribution of the gibbons  Figure 2Tree diagram The data on this chart, shows the gibbons ph...

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