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Bezos Family Foundation: Mike Bezos


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Bezos Family Foundation: Mike Bezos

Bezos Family Foundation: Mike Bezos


read attach files one is assignment paper and other is example paper.

just creative thinking and answer questions. you should make someone who is working relate golf (maybe mini golf game manager) like example paper and write same format like example. 

and very last part, please write short paragraph what am i leaned and get lesson from interview.


Interview Answers Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Interview Answers Bezos Family Foundation: Mike Bezos Briefly describe your business, your current position, and your responsibilities: Bezo’s Family Foundation is a privately ownedas well as an independent foundation created by Mike Bezos and Jackie. The two founders together with their spouses and children serve as directors. Mike Bezo is therefore, a director in the company. The company supports learning environments for young individual engage in education via action.


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