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Beliefs System Equilibrium


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Beliefs System Equilibrium

Beliefs System Equilibrium


It`s a dance class and we are doing a group essay and presentation. What I need is a beliefs system to our group. The group is from various cultures and religions, so I want to write about a common beliefs between humans. And this is some common ideas about the beliefs among my group members." We agree that all humans were born equal and free, should and will die equal . The belief in doing good to others is necessary. Treat others the way you would like to be treated" and we called our belief system Equilibrium. ******* In this two pages I need to state the belief system of our group. Compare and contrast to existing religions and beliefs


Beliefs System Equilibrium Name Institution Date Beliefs System Equilibrium Introduction There is a common belief in our cultures that we use as a reminder of certain values in our lives. For example, there is a common belief that, all human beings are born equal and free meaning that, we should live and eventually die equal (Palmer, 2010). These are some of the beliefs that act as a reminder to do well to others whenever possible. To meet the spirit of the belief system, which we call it the “Equilibrium,” we should treat others the way we want to be treated. This essay illustrates various definitions of belief systems providing a clear understanding of our own team belief system the “Equilibrium,” Some of the characteristic of the belief system and elements are explain


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