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Behavioral Modification: Martin and Pear textbook


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Behavioral Modification: Martin and Pear textbook

Behavioral Modification: Martin and Pear textbook

It is based on the Martin and Pear textbook of Behavioral Modification and will be a research paper that focuses on the application of one or more of the techniques of behaviour modification outlined in the text. Formatting will follow the 6th edition of APA`s style guide
Behavior Modification:Application of Techniques(Student`s Name)(Course Code/Number)(Name of Professor)(Date of Submission)Behavior Modification:Application of TechniquesIntroductionThe exploration of the way by which the human mind operates is perhaps among the most significant developments in field of science, especially psychotherapy and psychiatry. Indeed, by analyzing the inner mechanisms of the person`s mind, modern science has come to better understand the manner through which a person`s history and upbringing can affect the way he develops. More importantly, by analyzing the way the mind works, a person`s behavior can be modified for the person`s healing and improvement.Behavior modification involves the use of different techniques that have been scientifically analyzed and demonstrated, in order to decrease or increase the frequency of the behavior of an individual, or even groups. Behavior modification can both be positive. It can involve the negative reinforcement of a behavior through satiation, punishment, or even extinction. On the other end, behavior modification can also involve positive reinforcement of adaptive behaviors CITATION Ray11 l 1033 (Miltenberger, 2011).In relation, this paper will then look into behavior modification, and the application of its numerous techniques. This paper will first look into the different strategies employed for behavior modification, and then the application of the said techniques. More specifically, this paper will look into the application of the behavior modification technique of Conditioned Reinforcement, which is used primarily for developing and maintaining a behavior. This technique will be analyzed for its overall application. Finally, the strengths and advantages of the Conditioned Reinforcement technique will be explored, as well as its limitations and disadvantages.Behavior Modification TechniquesSeveral behavior modification techniques have been developed over the years to assist the healthcare provider in helping the client towards their intended goals. Some of these techniques include intermittent reinforcement, extinction, stimulus discrimination and stimulus generalization, fading, shaping, and numerous others. However, what is significant to note in all of these techniques is that they have common characteristics and goals.Martin and Pear (2011) discussed that behavior modification and its techniques should have the following seven characteristics. First, behavior modification and its techniques must place a strong emphasis on the accountability of every individual involved in the behavior modification program. Second, the techniques place a great weight on scientific evidences and demonstrations that they are indeed effective or responsible for a certain change in behavior. Third, the techniques are greatly founded on the concepts of learning precisely respondent conditioning and operant conditioning. Fourth, the techniques are frequently applied in the person`s daily life. Fi...

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