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Battle of the Passchendaele


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Battle of the Passchendaele

Battle of the Passchendaele

Write a news account between 800-1000 words. Write a news story on an event in the war and write from a 1918 perspective. Make sure you write in a news story format on one event where Canadian soldiers showed heroism. After the news article write five journal entries that a soldier would have written about this event. Leading up to the event the event and the after math. Make sure you answer the 5 W`s and how in the newspaper article. Topic: Battle of Passchendaele, 1917 The third major battle of Ypres, also known as the Battle of Passchendaele, took place between July and November, 1917. The article must be written as it would appear in a 1917 newspaper. The journal or diary entries must be written from the soldiers perspective.
Battle of the PasschendaeleName:Institution name:IntroductionThe Battle of the Passchendaele in Ypres City, Belgium last year left numbers of deaths and casualties for both the allies and the enemies running into thousands. The battle that started last year in July 31, and continued to early this year, involved war between Canadian Soldiers (allies) and German Soldiers (enemies) who had captured the Passchendaele Ridges (Bahat 1918). The occupant of the Passchendaele Ridges located in the land of importance to the City of Ypres could remain the owner of the City. The war was the most horrific, with death or casualty numbers of 260,000 and 15,000 for the enemies and the allies respectively. This happened at the time the First World War is in its course leading to a hard shudder across the world.The horrific deaths were as a result of the battle between the soldier armies of Canada and Germany. These deaths counted the greatest since the beginning World War I. The deaths are likely to hit records in the books of the Humanitarian concern Institutions, Organizations and Authorities in the world. The deaths were recorded first, immediately the Canadian Soldiers stroke over the recapture of the Passchendaele Ridges from their German enemies. The attack that caused deaths occurred in phases as per the attack plan laid by the Canadian Soldiers. Deaths records for the enemies on the first day of the first attack were 598 with casualty number of 2,300, and by the end of that initial attack, the number of dead and injured were running into 884 and 1,437 respectively (John 1918).The cumulative deaths records showed higher numbers for the German soldiers (enemies) compared to the allies` ones till the end of the war when the allies recaptured the Passchendaele Ridges. However, the deaths were low during the initial attack due to some resistance of the German soldiers (enemies) against the Canadian soldiers...

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