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Background of UK Hospitality Industry

Background of UK Hospitality Industry

Here, you are asked to prepare a report on the background of UK Hospitality Industry. You are supposed to discuss the scope of the hospitality in your report. Conclude your report with a brief conclusion your understanding of the UK hospitality. You must present a clear structured report that includes Apa Style reference list.

Hospitality is the compassion in receiving guests, strangers and visitors. Hospitality sector in the UK is multivariate and broad. The industry is coupled by individually owned organizations to multinational corporations. The industry contributes greatly to the UK economy through income generation and employment. The industry is not only composed of hotels and restaurants but contains other sectors such as gambling, hostels, holiday parks and travel firms among others. Revenue management is crucial to the success of investments in the industry. The industry has great lodging facilities and the structure of the restaurants enable the facilities to accommodate many people (cited in Brotherton, 2012).

According to Brotherton (2012, p. 105), The scope of hospitality industry in the U.K. is changing constantly due to business environment changes in the country. The industry targets to provide adequate and high quality services to both local and foreign clients. The industry comprises of many sectors and partners with other industries in order to offer admirable services. The industry contributes much to the U.K. economy. The industry earns U.K. a significant amount of income as compared to other industries. It also provides the country with ample employment opportunities with about 2 million people in U.K. working in the hospitality industry.

The main industry features are hotels and restaurants which are the main tourist destinations. The industry also comprises of social accommodations, holiday centers, self catering facilities as well as membership clubs. Social media is extensively used in industry. Most businesses in the industry have subscribed to various social media platform which they use to advertise their services. Restaurants are highly structured and offer different services such as fine dining, mainstream and popular catering as well as fast foods among others. The operators need to conduct a PESTLE analysis for them to understand the most suitable market decision in regard of the external environment. PESTLE analysis of the industry reveals that industry players should differentiate themselves from other operators for a competition advantage (cited in Brotherton, 2012).



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Background of UK Hospitality Industry Background of UK Hospitality Industry
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