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Attempts to regulate reproduction of welfare recipients


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Attempts to regulate reproduction of welfare recipients

Attempts to regulate reproduction of welfare recipients

I would like to introduce the paper by tracing the history in the US(possibly touch on outside US) tying race, class, gender, and reproduction. Then the majority would be more contemporary policies and examples. A few good resources: Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty, [by] Dorothy Roberts. (New York, NY: Pantheon Books, 1997) Catherine Albiston. 1994 “The Social Meaning of the Norplant Condition: Constitutional Considerations of Race, Class and Gender” in Berekely Women\\\`s Law Journal 9. attached: War on poverty became the war on poor pregnant women by Carole M. Hirsch Schoen,Johanna.2001. Between Choice and Coercion: Women and the Politics of Sterilization in North Carolina, 1929 1975.Journal of Women`s History 13:132 156.
Name: Instructor: Course:Date of submission: Attempts to Regulate Reproduction of Welfare RecipientsPopulation refers to the relationship between any organism and the space its population occupies on the earth. In this case, overpopulation is referred to with respect to the number of births with respect to the number of deaths. If the number of people that is being born is more than the number, that dies (The New York Times). In the case of the United States, other than the rates of births, there are also factors like immigration, which have been very vibrant of late; especially through the Mexican border. This paper is mainly dealing with the rates of birth as opposed to the other factors that lead to population increase. The current world population is estimated to be around 7bilion, while the carrying capacity of the earth is estimated to be between 4 billion and 16 billion. At the current rate the population is expected to get up to 8 or 10 billion by the year 2040. According to the united nation report in May of 2011, the projection is spread much further out, where the billion mark is set by 2050. The worry with the population growth is not really, because the number of people is increasing, but rather the fact that the resources available to the people is not growing with it. Instead the more the people the lesser the resources, as they have to be divided among a larger number, thus spreading the sustainability thin. This is the actual scare that most of the international and government leaders are worried about. Nature has the ability to rejuvenate itself, but this also has a limit. When the limit is exceeded, the result is death, where nature adjusts the number of people and other organisms on its terms. The government has taken the steps to beat nature to it in more than inhumane ways, using the welfare programs to victimize the women from poor families. Assistance Programs These are programs that are formed through the influence of the federal laws, which may be mistaken for help to the women, but in the real sense, they are formulated to conflict the true role of women in the society. The modern political thoughts are seen to juggle between what the womwen were cut out for in the 1870s and a more liberal thought of women as equal to the men. In theory, the federal laws that are in place today support the idea of women being equal to the men. The whole idea though is hinged on the fact that the federal law makers do not want to have case in their hands that women may exploit. By viewing the women as equals means that, they are not left at home breeding more children so the ca benefit more from the welfare. The idea is to limit the women from having more children than they can support. From the inception of the federal assistance programs, the idea was to provide subsidy to the families for the women unpaid labor. This way the government helped the families and maintained the family ethic, by increasing the dependency rates of the w...

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