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The assignment that I need to be in this form 5 paragraphs 1st paragraph / introduction 2nd paragraph / write about 3 geological things and talk about them like volcano, tornado and earthquake 3rd paragraph / write about 2 weather things and talk about them like storm and rain 4th paragraph / talk about the environment 5th paragraph conclusion i`m gonna upload file please could you read the instruction clear
Customer Inserts His/Her NameCustomer Inserts Grade CourseCustomer Inserts Tutor`s Name20 February, 2011IntroductionGeography is divided into two groups, i.e. physical geography and human geography. “The study of actual patterns and procedures (global warming, deforestation, water resources etc) at the earth surface and the connection between people and their environment is known as Physical geography”. Whereas human geography deals with the social and cultural patterns (urbanization, socio-economic conditions, etc). A variety of tools like geographic information systems (GIS), maps, remote sensing, spatial statistics, global positioning systems (GPS), and mathematical modeling are used by geographers to study the information they get (Christine E. McMichael, 2010).On 18 February 2011, in Alabama (United States) an earthquake took place with the magnitude of 3.5.no damaged was reported due to that earthquake. The US geological survey professional reported that in North America east has Rocky Mountains and the earthquake were very uncommon there (Press Register). On 9th February news on the volcanic eruption was published in Business Insider. According to that news Icelandic volcan...

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