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Assignment 4


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Assignment 4

Assignment 4

this class Acc 205 at Northern arizona university Find a periodical story about a legal topic covered in the course that has an impact in a business context. For full points on this assignment, you will need to complete the following: 1) Attach a copy of your periodical story (10 points) 2) Summarize in no more than four sentences what your story was about. (10 points) 3) Explain in no more than four sentences what legal topic covered in this course your periodical story applied to. (15 points) 4) Explain in no more than four sentence what impact this story has in a business context. (15 points)
NameLecturerCourseDateAssignment 4The article covered in this paper is “Law, the rule of law, and property: a foundation for the private market and business study” by Lee Reed. It covers the need of a clear and defined legal system that is respected by all individuals. The author calls for the respect of the rule of law and the legal system that asserts the right to property and honor of contracts (Reed, 442). These are viewed as the basic foundations to give investors the confidence to invest in an environment. The law stands to assure investors of the safety of their investment and hence they can be...

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