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Assess the organisation`s current marketing communications and suggest improvements.


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Assess the organisation`s current marketing communications and suggest improvements.


You are a self-employed marketing consultant with an opportunity to tender for a contract with Bradley and Co.http://www.bradleyscoffee.co.uk/bradleys-at-peppers.html


The organisation are re-evaluating their current communications and are looking for a partner to work with them on improving the overall success of the business. The organisation is committed to finding the best partner possible and will consider a long-term contract, if the initial report/plan is appealing.  


You are required to produce a report outlining the importance and impact of integrated communications in relation to the chosen organisation. You are also required to propose an integrated marketing communications plan to support theobjectives of the business (for example: increase turnover; increase customer retention; increase average spend, etc)


The report needs to consider the following:


  • Assess the organisation`s current marketing communications and suggest improvements.
  • Create an effective and workable marketing communications plan.
  • Conduct the right research on which to base the plan.
  • Set clear communications objectives.
  • Construct a strategy that is in line with the business aims and objectives.
  • Define the right target stakeholders and ensure that the right messages and propositions are communicated to them.
  • Use the most appropriate tools of communication and ensure that they are working in harmony.
  • Demonstrate how you will measure the results of your communications plan.


Students should consider a range of communication methods and media to reflect the communication preferences of identified stakeholder audiences.Specific reference should be made to how the internal and external elements are co-ordinated. Implementation can be shown using a Gantt chart or similar (not included in word count).The student must also use relevant theories, tools and models, to demonstrate understanding of clear principles.


It is good practice to acknowledge these using the Harvard referencing.

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