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Aspirin Preparation


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Aspirin Preparation

Aspirin Preparation

there are two lab reports attached please do each lab on two pages. so the total will be 4 pages. firs tab report is about aspirin synthesis and the second lab will be about recrestylazition of aspirin . format as following : Title: Purpose: Experimental: Experimental set-up and/or reaction(s) Results: Summary of results, tabulated or graphed data, etc.. Discussion: Discussion of the results, particularly if they were not what was expected, their validity and accuracy, sources of experimental error, etc.. Conclusion: Significant conclusions based on your results. please see the attachment
Running head: Aspirin Preparation Name: Tutor: Institution: Date: Title: Synthesis of Aspirin Purpose: The experiment was meant to prepare aspirin from acetic anhydride and salicylic acid. Experimental procedure: About 2g of salicylic acid was weighed in a 125ml Erlenmeyer flask. The flask was first completely dried to remove any traces of water since acetic acid reacts with water. Secondly 5ml of acetic anhydride from the dispenser and 5 drops of phosphoric acid were added into the mixture. The mixed solution was then heated gently for about 10 minutes on a hot plate. The heating was done in manner so as not to boil the solution and in the process ensure complete dissolution of the solid. The flask was then carefully removed from the hot plate and 2ml of water added to the flask. The reaction was then left to occur for some time after which another 40 ml of water was added. The flask was then cooled in ice bath for ten minutes as the vacuum filter apparatus was being prepared. The crystals were vacuum filtered and the flask rinsed with...

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