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Article Reflection


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Article Reflection

Article Reflection

Mortality has often raised eyebrows amongst research with most of them showing concern for its existence among specific cities or amongst certain communities. In two separate outlines, two groups of researchers gave their views on the excess mortality rates. The first group majored in Harlem McCord and Harold (173) while the other group focused on showing concern on the excess mortality amongst the black and the white communities.

These two groups found several aspects coming up in their study. The first aspect was the existence of mortality amongst the black and the whites. The second aspect was the conditions of the areas where mortality was high. Both of their studies noted mortality rates to be high especially in communities living in areas that had high poverty levels. Interestingly, the two groups noted the significant impact of mortality in Harlem. Their findings concluded that people living in the inner parts of the cities are more vulnerable Geronimus (1553). The two researches also recognize the black community to be more vulnerable hence noting the high-level of mortality rates.

In as far as I agree that at the time of the their research there were high levels of mortality in the inner parts of the city, I am of the view that their research was not satisfactorily done, since it did not consider to offer recommendation on how mortality rates could be reduced. I also feel the two researches did not consider the overall factors that lead to the high mortality rates. For example, McCord and Harold (177) note the creation of the Harlem task force with the aim of reducing the crime rates. However, the taskforce did not assist in reducing the mortality rates. I am of the view that their research should have considered point out areas that the government and the society should solve to reduce the rise in mortality rates.

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