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Article Critique


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Article Critique

Article Critique

Article Critique This assignment requires that you review an article from one of the journals listed below* that relates to a topic of interest in organizational theory. The article should not be more than five years old. Select an article that has sufficient content that you can write a review of two pages in length. A sample Article Critique can be found below. List of journals: • Academy of Management Review • Administrative Science Quarterly • Business and Society in Review • Business Finance • Decision Sciences • Financial Management • Forbes Magazine • Harvard Business Review • Healthcare Financial Management • Industrial and Labor Relations Review • Journal of Accountancy • Journal of Applied Economics and Policy • Journal of Applied Psychology • Journal of Business Ethics • Journal of Finance • Journal of Financial Statement Analysis • Journal of Management Studies • Personnel Today • Public Administration Quarterly Outline your article in the following manner and adhere to the APA guidelines: • A brief introduction of the article. • A statement of the problem. • A description of procedures. • Flaws in the procedural design. • Analysis of the data. • Limited and justifiable conclusions. ****please see attachment for rest of instructions*********
Business Ethics Name Tutor Course Date Introduction This article is a descriptive study that introduces a world survey of the businessethics in the field of teaching and research. It provides an overview on one of nine world regions which is the sub Saharan Africa. It reflects all the training and research in business ethics in this region. It lays up the research processes and methods that were used in the survey. The main objective of the survey was to determine the business ethics in the filed of teaching and research how it had developed in sub Saharan Africa. Statement of the problem The research stated that some conditions like social political and economic conditions practi...

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