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Article Critique Assignment


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Article Critique Assignment

Article Critique Assignment

please see attachment for guideline and article. please do not summarize the whole paper. please be careful the paper will be check for (PLAGIARISM)USE THE ARTICLE FOR SOURCES
Article Critique Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Article Critique Summary The article focused on the study regarding peer victimization in kindergarten and the relationship that exists with the children`s school adjustment. The study addressed four types of victimization that include physical, direct verbal, indirect verbal, and general victimization. Large percentage of children had reported victimization by their peers where both sexes were equally at risk. The study is based on theoretical framework analysis of aggressive behavior among children, where it was found that aggressive children tend to portray their aggressive behavior on others. The author hypothesis was that female children were more exposed to peer victimization that their male counterparts in school. The finding of the study indicated that the general and direct verbal victimizations occurred often that indirect and physical victimization. All type of victimization had a relationship with children loneliness in school and their desire to avoid the school environment. This provides the negative attitude toward school, as the analysis indicates that victimization is a major contributor to school adjustment. Identity and Source of Subject The study subject emanated from the growing awareness among psychologists and educators that the school adjustment and progress among children was dependent on the security and comfort of school environment. The adaptation of school environment is to the extent that children feel secure and comfortable, and the extent to which they are victimized by their peers. Children who were regularly victimized by their peers perceives school to be threatening a...

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