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Art of the Ancient Amcericas


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Art of the Ancient Amcericas

Art of the Ancient Amcericas

I visited Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Art of the Ancient Amcericas) Write a critical response of the art viewed. Please focus on the art (link to pictures below). Follow the ANALYZING ART PDF which gives you guidelines for how to look at and write about the ART. http://collectionsonline.lacma.org/mwebcgi/mweb.exe?request=record;id=72035;type=101 http://collectionsonline.lacma.org/mwebcgi/mweb.exe?request=record;id=72033;type=101
Art of the Ancient AmericasNameGrade Course:Tutor`s Name:(January 23, 2012)ARTIST: Ancient Americas DepartmentNAME: Seated Figure, 600-900STYLE: Sculpture, Buff CeramicYEAR: 1992DIMENSIONS: Height 11 ½ in. (29.21 cm)Analysis of the above Art WorkAs I watched this art the first thing that came to my attention was a figure of a woman who is seated on the floor or ground. Upon further scrutiny, I observed that the woman is in a state of tiresomeness and pain. This is depicted by the fact that the woman has protruding teeth and tries to support his body with her hands on the ankles. In my opinion the protruding teeth is crucial to the art since it conveys a deeper understanding of sorrow and pain which the woman is experiencing.CompositionIn regard to balance the focus of the art is located at the center of the painting. Such a conspicuous position makes the viewer see the protruding teeth first. Additionally, the art represents a woman wearing some earrings and seated on a cemented floor. The art is symmetrical in the sense that it can be divided centrally in equal proportions.In regard to directional focus the most captivating thing that`s attracted my attention was the protruding teeth which have a conspicuous white color compared to the rest of the body. Similarly you will also see the un-proportionality of the eyes. The right eye is much bigger than the left one. Moreover the head, forehead and the abdominal part are more conspicuous because more light is shed on th...

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