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Art Museum (National Art Museum Consortium)


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Art Museum (National Art Museum Consortium)

Art Museum (National Art Museum Consortium)

I need a 1 page Conclusion for the material i will attache. The purpose of this report is to develop a social media viral marketing campaign that will assist your organization to increase museum visits by the young-adult market (18 – 25 yr. olds). The report provides research on the current museum environment, the market, the target audience and social media. In addition, the report recommends what specific social media is best to achieve your goals and suggest specific creative concepts directed at the aforementioned target audience.
Art MuseumStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Art Museum The National Art Museum Consortium (NAMC) has some of the best and most prestigious museums worldwide. To increase attendance in our target audience – the young-adult market –, it is imperative that we become a part of their world. Young adults, aged 18-24, are growing up in a world with technological advancements and to capture their attention, we have to enter their world of social media and tap into their technological resources. The purpose of this proposal is to inform you, the management of NAMC of the importance of social media and to persuade you to use a social viral marketing campaign in order to increase museum visit in the young adult market.Research Findings Young Adults: To advertise to our target audience, we must first truly understand what young adults do and how to attract them. Young adults have embraced the internet world and account for a large percent of social media users. The most common social networking websites used by our target audience include: Facebook – Seventy one percent of the younger generation actively maintains a Fac...

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