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Are you in favor of EMR or do you believe it would be a drastic invasion of patient privacy or even community privacy?


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Are you in favor of EMR or do you believe it would be a drastic invasion of patient privacy or even community privacy?

Electronic Medical Records


Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Availability and Portability vs. Privacy Using Ruffner (2010), Jacques (2011), and Thede (2010) as resources, compose an evaluative essay which supports your position regarding Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Are you in favor of EMR or do you believe it would be a drastic invasion of patient privacy or even community privacy? Analyze the evidence, arguments, and conclusions in your research that support your position. The finished Assignment should be a minimum of a 3-paged expository essay, excluding the title page and references. The viewpoint and purpose of this Assignment should be clearly established and sustained. For this Assignment, specifically: •use the headings The Case for Availability and Portability, The Case for Privacy, and The Writer’s Opinion to organize your material • include an introductory paragraph that gives a summary of the case example and a concluding paragraph which brings your paper to a reasonable conclusion (with no heading for either) •include Stanhope & Lancaster (2012) as a reference and at least one of the journal articles mentioned above, which will be properly cited within the body of your paper •have no more than 10% of the paper of direct quotations; you must synthesize the material rather than merely quoting it. •title page must resemble that found on p. 41 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010). •No "Author`s Note" or "Abstract" is necessary. •use APA 6th edition format for organization, style, and crediting sources including: •properly formatted header •12-point, double-spaced, Times New Roman font •use of in-text citations •title page and reference page •use of headings

Electronic Medical RecordsNameInstitutional AffiliationElectronic Medical RecordsThe use of digital equipment has increased in all areas in contemporary times. Virtually all forms of paper documents are being replaced by electronic models. For example, the banking industry is within the brink of eliminating paperwork from banking. The medical field is not far behind; there are propositions to replace the existing paper based storage of medical data by electronic means (Jacques, 2010). In fact, the use of electronic medical storage is already a reality. Despite the limitations of EMR (electronic medical records), its potential advantages out weights the limitations.AdvantagesEfficiency According to Ruffner, in the future, medical charts will be replaced with electronic health records (Ruffner et al., 2010). He suggests the move makes provision of health care more efficient that the current practice where paper charts are used. The EMR system is expected to ease transmission of medical records to the local database where it is only accessible by authorized personnel. For example, nurses often need to go after doctors to read the paper charts. However, with the new system, they can access this information from their stations, thus making their work more streamlined. In addition, the ability of doctors to communicate with more urgency wh...

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