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Apple Human Resource Department


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Apple Human Resource Department

Apple Human Resource Department

The research paper is about the company Apple. What are the organization`s processes and methods for hiring and training employees? What processes are in place for creating a high-performance organization? Through what means does the HR dept. ensure compliance with laws and regulations, such as EEOC, OSHAA, total compensation, reporting practices, etc? How does the organization motivate employees? What role does the HR dept. play in helping to manage change within the workforce? What aspects of the job does the HR professional enjoy most? How does what you learned from the HR professional support or conflict with information learned in this class or in your supplemental readings?
Apple Human Resource Department Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Apple Human Resource (HR) Department Apple Inc., an American Multinational, changed its name from Apple Computer Inc. It specializes in the manufacture of consumer electronics, commercial servers as well as computer software. The company is viewed as one of the most innovative and admired companies in the world. Its primary product line includes Macintosh computer line-up, iPod music player, iPhone and the iPad (Apple inc., 2012). This paper focuses on Apple`s hiring and recruitment processes as conducted by its HR department. The research paper is about the company Apple. What are the organization`s processes and methods for hiring and training employees? The company applies several innovative ways of hiring employees to ensure the acquisition of qualified employees. Apple has great financial resources as well as values that attract talented employees with excellent skills. The HR department`s main methods applied in hiring include organizing job fairs from where suitable applicants are selected. They then undergo interview processes that determine whether they will join the company. The career or job fairs for selecting people are usually undertaken in schools, colleges and at various universities. The HR department also uses the internet in hiring suitable and qualified candidates. The “jobs” or careers page on Apple`s website provides an opportunity for qualified applicants to apply for positions within the company and they can upload their resume (Jobs at Apple, 2012). These qualified applicants will then be considered for any available job positions in the future. In addition, the website also allows students to apply for internship and attachment positions at the organization. Moreover, the website also allows for college and university fresh graduates to apply especially for entry level positions. Upon joining the company, these talented graduates undergo further trai...

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