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Answer - There has been much talk of `disruptive technologies` by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently, citing Uber and AirBnB


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Answer - There has been much talk of `disruptive technologies` by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently, citing Uber and AirBnB in particular. What does it mean for technology to be `disruptive` and what is it that is being `disrupted`?

Summative Academic Essay (1500 words)

1. There has been much talk of `disruptive technologies` by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently, citing Uber and AirBnB in particular. What does it mean for technology to be `disruptive` and what is it that is being `disrupted`? Ensure you refer to regulatory frameworks in your answer.

2. A recent move by the Queensland Parliament to re-regulate the sugar industry has been referred to as `sugar socialism` by some and `economic lunacy` by others. What is `socialist` about the legislation and why might such a move be considered `economic lunacy`?

3. Uber has disrupted the taxi industry in Australia. Are the reforms introduced in the ACT and NSW sufficient to compensate taxi drivers for the disruption caused by Uber? What societal changes have enabled the rise of ride-sharing businesses such as Uber? Are these reforms good for the economy? Why or why not?

4. Taxation reform in Australia will be crucial in coming years to ensure the Commonwealth has sufficient revenue to manage its responsibilities. Yet recent budgets have maintained the status quo. Why is it so difficult for Australian governments to implement major taxation reform? Who are the potential winners and losers? To what extent do the interest groups involved in the debate control the agenda?

5. Australian workplace relations reform in the late twentieth century included a move away from national and state-based awards to an enterprise bargaining system. Moves by the Howard Government to introduce an individual workplace bargaining system not only failed, but were largely blamed for Prime Minister Howard losing his seat at the 2007 election. Discuss the rationale for workplace relations reform. Who are the winners and losers? Why are Australian voters reluctant to accept an individual workplace bargaining system?

Required: A minimum of 10 different references is required for this essay. Be careful using the Internet - it offers information, sometimes wildly inaccurate, while also not necessarily providing a strong critical analysis. The use of encyclopaedia-style Web sources (for example  http://www.wikipedia.org/ and www.thefreedictionary.com) is NOT acceptable at this level of study and any instance of using such references will attract a fail grade for the relevant crtierion. To receive a Distinction grade or above, you will need to draw upon academic journals, texts and high-quality references, and exceed the minimum standards.

Students must submit their academic essays via Moodle in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document format. Essays submitted in any other format will not be marked and will receive a grade of zero. It is also required that essays include a list of references at the end of the paper (in alphabetical order by author surname) which is presented in a recognised Author/Date referencing system (see http://canberra.libguides.com/referencing). The reference list forms part of the essay and is not to be submitted as a separate file. Reference lists submitted as separate files will be ignored by the marker. Please note that the requirements for referencing set out in this unit may be different from examples provided in the referencing guides. Where there is a conflict about the style of referencing (for example the use of page numbers), you are required to follow the unit outline.

Students MUST write in the third person for all assessment items in this unit. For example, rather than writing ‘In this essay, I will discuss…’, write: ‘This essay will discuss…’. Writing in the third person is a formal writing skill which you must practise while undertaking this unit. If you do not write in the third person your essay will be heavily penalised.

Word Count Rules: The word count is conducted by using the word count function in Microsoft Word by highlighting the first word of the first sentence to the last word of the last sentence. The word count includes all in-text references and quotes but does not include the title or the reference list. Plus or minus 10% leeway is given for the word count, for example Essay 2 (1500 words) must be between 1350-1650 words. Markers will ignore those parts of the essay that exceed the word limit, and essays which are under the word limit will be considered as not representing a completed assessment task. Excessive use of quotes will be heavily penalised. Writing to a set word count is a requirement in almost every profession, and presenting an argument within the bounds of a word count demonstrates partial achieving of Learning Outcome 5.

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