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Annotated Bibliography (Summary-Only)


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Annotated Bibliography (Summary-Only)

Annotated Bibliography (Summary-Only)

This order will related to my previous order of INFORMATIVE ESSAY. The number of sources are in the instructions .doc
Annotated Bibliography (Summary-Only)Brown, B. & Marin, P. (May 2009). Child Trends. Adolescent and Electronic Media: Growing Up Plugged In. Research Brief. Publication #2009-29. Washington, DC: Child Trends, 2009. This is a research brief which describes the how electronic media has affected the wellbeing of adolescents. The various electronic media such as the internet, cell phones and computers are shown to affect the health and safety of adolescents especially in excessive use. Exposure to violent television programs is demonstrated as being influential to the behavior of adolescents by making them aggressive. In addition the increased consumption of alcohol among young people is attributed to the images on electronic media on drug abuse. Moreover, the research brief explains that obesity among the youth results from excessive involvement in watching media content. However, the effect of electronic media on the sexual activity is shown to be undetermined by scientific research. Additionally the use of electronic media has been linked to illnesses among the young people such as attention deficit, cancer and upper limb musculoskeletal injuries.The research brief further demonstrates that research has also been done on the positive influence of electronic media on adolescents but the results have not been conclusive. The social development among adolescents has also been linked to electronic media. Social behavior such as bullying and sexual predation thus is shown to be congruent with the use of electronic media by the young people. The impact of electronic media on education is explained in the research brief as being influential to academic performance.Debra, Jones, Ringgold. (2008). Responsibility and brand advertising in the alcoholic beverage market. Journal of advertising, 37, 127-141. This article describes the advertising of various products and brands and their social impact which has led increased rates of alcohol abuse in the United States. Responsible drinking is usually included as part of the advertising of the alcoholic beverages but is desc...

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