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Annotate Article: Extreme Aggression By An Individual (Bullying)


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Annotate Article: Extreme Aggression By An Individual (Bullying)

Annotate Article: Extreme Aggression By An Individual (Bullying)


choose an article about social network`s affect from NewYork Times or any other sources. The article must be within 6 years which means it has to be written after 2011. Annotate it with the pdf I uploaded.



The influence that social media have on teenagers and adolescents is not only of specific importance because the teenagers make up for the greater percentage of the social media use but also because their development is vulnerable to the exposure of the social media. Although social media has a critical role in widening the technical learning skills and social connection, its potential dangers cannot be unnoticed. The independent self-regulation and increased vulnerability to peer pressure expose the adolescents to social media`s evils such as sexting, facebook depression and cyber bullying, which are dystopian risks. Besides, other social media problems such as In


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